2020 NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS / GOALS.  NEW YEAR, SAME YOU, MORE SELF-LOVE.                 10 Tips - How to invest in your best self for 2020?

2020 NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS / GOALS. NEW YEAR, SAME YOU, MORE SELF-LOVE. 10 Tips - How to invest in your best self for 2020?

10 TIPS - How to invest in your best self for 2020?

First off, HAPPY 2020!

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Did you know that Before the first month of the year has even come to an end, most people have given up on their annual commitment to themselves. Only around 8% of people who set New Year’s Resolutions actually meet their goal!

In saying all that, or showing FACTS rather, we pose the question... Are New Year’s Resolutions even effective?

The first few weeks of changing your mindset, putting goals and plans into action seems to be easy, motivational and willingly ready.  But, as the days, weeks, months go on…. That routine starts to get blurred.

Now is the perfect time to start coming up with ways to smash those goals, and getting your mind right.

Well I’ve got some great New Year’s resolution tips to help you make your dreams into reality, and not fall into that long list of the 80% of abandonment. 

In a nutshell, here is my motto for 2020:

Get on your shit, stay on your shit, stay out of shit and don’t tell people shit.

You got this, we got this.  Let’s invest in our best selves.  So here are 10 things I am focusing on this year to really apply to my motto:

  1. Write that shit down. Make a list, check it twice.  Hold yourself accountable. Make a grand list, then make smaller list’s every morning of TO DO’s, prioritize based on importance.  Set goals for the new year, and within each goal, set more in-depth milestones, or bullet points associated to each goal.  For example, 10,000 steps a day (for winter months), increase to 15,000 steps a day once warmer weather hits – it’s about BEING honest with yourself, and not setting unrealistic goals.  Start small, baby steps, smash those goals, then add onto them.  Get a planner, use post-its, use a napkin, use your phone, whatever it is. Make sure that is functional for you and fits into your lifestyle. The more you write down, the more this will become permanent. Keep a journal. Message your friends about how it’s going. Make to-do lists. Write down EVERYTHING.
  1. Get a certification and/or take an Online Class. Knowledge is power, and you can never have too much of it. You never know, your passion, hobby, certification can turn into a little side hustle, which in turn can allow you the freedom to be your own BOSS.
  1. Network, Network, Network. If it adds value to your life, goals, and overall, can help you in the long-run, GO to the events, join groups, connect via Linkedin, do all those things, often. It always important to support the community from which you’re from. If other like-minded individuals/friends, partners, succeed, then you succeed.  Sometimes you need a little help, and a push to get to where you want to be personally and professionally. 

Find a Mentor:  Challenge yourself to find a mentor who will be able to help you navigate your professional life and can help you expand your network. It is important to find someone who is in a place or has a skill area you want to grow in. By working with them to make you better, you can understand how to grow and better reach your goals

  1. Make an Inspo / Vision board: Think about all the things you want to accomplish this year and create an inspiration board. Put all your ideas, visuals, words, signs, medium onto a board, because when you can see it, it will inspire you to work hard to achieve them. I.e. Accountability + Motivation
  1. Celebrate Your Accomplishments:Whether big or small, celebrate them. You work hard and you deserve to celebrate your success. So go out for drinks with friends, host a party, go on a trip or treat yourself to a spa day. You deserve it.  We all get so caught up in what we still have to do, or what we haven’t accomplished or our FUCK UPS, that we never take the time to laugh, swap life stories, and career tips, and channel the passion of our hard work and force that we are with others who inspire you. Reward yourself, celebrate those wins big or small.  Don’t be your worst critic or so hard on yourself.
  1. Walk it like you talk it: Walk more, especially if you live in a city like NYC.  Buy a fitbit, download an app, get an apple watch, or just set a certain time or distance each day for yourself.  Walking is therapy.
  1. Wake up 15 mins earlier: Wouldn’t it be nice to have 15 mins all to yourself every single morning before you start your CRAZY HECTIC day?  Mediate, do some yoga, read a chapter of your book while having coffee or you can just have a moment of peace and quiet!
  1. READ: Maybe set yourself a reading goal? Focus on reading quality over quality. I read fewer books, but reading never felt like a chore
  1. Minimize – i.e. SIMPLICITY (what we stand for here at Plan Prep n Go) In order to keep yourself as productive as possible, it’s best to remove distractions from your life. Remove clothes from your wardrobe you have not worn in the past year. Go through your shoes and room. This not only opens up the space to fill it with new things you will find this year, but also open up space to clear your mind and life. Less clutter and clothes also makes getting ready quicker. Leave toxic people and relationships behind in 2017 by taking a look at who is in your life. If someone is not in your life cheering you on, encouraging you, or pushing you to be a better person, you should decide if they are someone you want in your life. In 2018, make an effort to surround yourself with people who truly care about you and want you to succeed.
  1. More SELF-CARE/SELF-LOVE: HEALTH IS WEALTH. Mind, body & Food. Cook more, less eating out.  It literally pays to invest in yourself.  Find your WHY?

 NEWS FLASH, I have news for you (you may have figured this out already):

There is never going to be more time.

We have a very limited amount of time that we are given, and we must fill those hours first with things we are expected to do, then we can add in things we want to do.  “we realize that we’ve stretched ourselves too thin and give up entirely, promising ourselves that when we have more time, we’ll start up again.”

This is the way life works. Crazy, unexpected, time-consuming things are going to pop up and we’re going to be blown off-course with our goals!

If we want our New Year’s Resolutions to be effective, we need to plan our goals effectively!

When we develop our New Year goals & action plan, I want you to:

  1. Set yourself up for success.
  2. Minimize the chance of guilt/failure.
  3. Be flexible.
  4. Put in the time upfront so you’re more likely to follow through
  5. Set your goals as SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based

Remember: when you’re tired, learn to take a break, not quit.  Be flexible to make them work for YOUR life at any given moment.  Because, trust me, from experience, LIFE fucks you up sometimes when you least expect it, and it's really OK to step back and heal, think, rest, when need be.

Hope you enjoy my new site, PLANPREPNGO where you can come as your safe place for anything and everything MIND, BODY, STOMACH (FOOD). 

Dear Self

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