Our goal is to enhance lifestyles: We empower, up light and create a safe space for women to LOVE themselves & their bodies. Empower & elevate your love for yourself & body.

We combined our love for fashion with our passion for health & wellness from the inside out. High fashion mixed with sport silhouettes you can wear from gym to brunch, to everything in between. Functional, comfortable, minimal yet sexy & chic.

Our philosophy is women should love themselves no matter what and beauty is more than just a size. 

We make clothes that move with you: core essential fashion with a strong focus on elevated style, function & form, blurring the boundaries between fitness & fashion.

Our basic pieces (yet, not for the basic) are designed to mix and match with anything your day throws your way.

Gearing up for the gym? Brunch? WFH? Night on the town? We got you season-less, versatile and multi-faceted pieces to complete any look.

It really doesn’t matter how you word it – or how you wear it – the trend for us all depends how you FIT THE PART.

Our vibe is not only about expressing ones personality  but a LIFESTYLE choice: LOVE for yourself and your body.

Fit the part is practical, functional, comfortable AF & luxe. An innovative luxe lifestyle brand made for women by women, who are effortlessly comfortable, yet fashion-forward in their everyday lives.

Can't wait to tell you more about us. Behind every good brand is an even better story... #staytuned